What is this?

Nodewatch is an OpenVZ 5/6/7 VPS node protection daemon that makes VPS hosting business a much safer one.

It works with any control panel: SolusVM, Parallels, KiwiVM, vePortal (or no panel at all). It helps detect 95% of abuse incidents related to:

  • Outgoing and incoming DoS/flood attacks
  • Outgoing mass mailing
  • Weak root passwords set by VPS users
  • Input/output (storage) abuse
  • CPU abuse

When Nodewatch detects abuse, it sends an email alert, a text message (SMS), and (optionally) suspends the abusing VPS.

Nodewatch requires very little configuration, so it is very easy to try it out (uninstallation takes seconds).


Nodewatch is deployed on thousands of VPS nodes since 2009 across multiple participating VPS service providers. In the beginning of 2013 we have made this system available to everyone for free.

How reliable is it?

Nodewatch is running non-stop on many VPS nodes for years. Some nodes host up to 400 VPS, and Nodewatch has proven to have no negative impact on service stability.

Nodewatch does not rely on iptables on the host node in order to function, which means it has no effect on performance, even when the node is under heavy load.

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Nodewatch guide

Please send feedback to feedback [at] vpsantiabuse.com

Nodewatch is being developed and supported by IT7 Networks Inc.